Books change children's lives... for good!


Books change children's lives... for good!Books change children's lives... for good!Books change children's lives... for good!Books change children's lives... for good!

The Book Fairy Pantry Project is a grassroots family literacy movement. 


“Illiteracy is a disease of poverty. The way out of poverty is literacy. 

The currency of literacy is children’s books.” — Pam Leo


☆ One child in four in the U.S. does not learn to read.

☆ The number one indicator that children will be ready to learn to read when they arrive at school is age appropriate children's books in their home and being read to daily from birth on.

☆ ⅔ of the 15.5 million children living in poverty in the U.S. do not have even one book to call their own.

☆ There is no shortage of gently used, quality books in this country, only a shortage of redistribution of these books.

The Book Fairy Pantry Project is a grassroots family literacy movement. This project will be implemented by the people, for the people. Volunteer book fairy helpers will collect new and gently used, quality children’s books from donation boxes and book drives and deliver them to participating food pantries and WIC offices to be given out to parents.

"Virtually none of the major issues we face as a nation today can be successfully overcome until we eradicate illiteracy."

—Michelle and David Baldacci, Wish You Well Foundation


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The Book Fairy's plea for help with literacy

By Pam Leo

Wee fairies each have jobs to do.
The Book Fairy's job is to get books to you.
And to ALL the world's children,
not to just a few.

Books are very heavy,
even ones that are quite small.
A wee fairy cannot carry them
'cause she is only five inches tall!

The Book Fairy needs "helpers,"
grownups short and tall,
to get books to children who love them,
and to children who have none at all.

The Book Fairy really needs you.
The children need you too.
If there are to be books for EVERY child,
we have a big job to do.

Don't disappoint the fairies.
That would never do.
If ALL the children are to learn to read,
it is up to me and you.

Copyright by Pam Leo, 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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